Simple payment processing for crypto businesses

Efficiently process crypto payments to your contractors, freelancers and partners.

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Helping businesses pay anyone, anywhere

Batch multiple payments

Effortlessly group multiple crypto payments to any number of contractors, freelancers or businesses into a single payment and pay once. Your account history will track who got paid what and when.

Batch multiple payments

Manage payees & addresses

Anyone you pay, as a business, in crypto can be managed via Remroll. Wallet address management ensures you never pay an invalid address.

Manage payees & addresses

Payment receipts & notifications

Email receipts for successful payments are sent to payees on transaction confirmation. Payees can also login to their payee accounts and view their incoming payment history.

Payment receipts & notifications

Export payment history

Although payments can be batched into a single transaction, payment history can be exported (via CSV) with each individual payment to payees recorded. This makes it easy for importing into other accounting software.

Export payment history

And much more...

Payment collaboration

Get a second pair of eyes on your payments or invite someone else to make the final payment.

Multiple payout currencies

Pay invoices in Ethereum, Dai or any other ERC20 token.

Invoice submission

Allow approved contractors or businesses to submit invoices to your Remroll account.

Wallet support

Sign payroll payments with MetaMask, additional wallet support coming soon.

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